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Sep 30, 2012 10:00am EDT
mitt romney. i think folks like charlie will be happy on thursday morning. >> you alluded to, do you buy this argument that some conservatives are making that polls are skewed against mitt romney? >> i don't buy it. i don't think it's intentional. do i think there's a concerted effort to skew the polls against governor romney? no, i don't buy that. >> final question, todd akin running for senate in missouri. last year, reince priebus was here. saying the rnc isn't going to get involved in the race. over the course, more prominent republicans, all coming out in support of todd akin, do you think he should have the support of the republican party? >> no. >> he doesn't have your support? >> no. >> governor chris christie, thank you for your time. >>> let's turn now to the white house view. the president's top strategist, david plouffe is running debate prep -- part of the debate prep for president obama, he joins us now. you just heard governor christie right there, he said that the president isn't going to tell the truth on wednesday night. >> well, of course, we are, george. first of
Oct 2, 2012 5:00pm EDT
thing? -- call it athena? >> no. think it is a gimmick. that is cloud charlie right now, here comes cloud darwin. a little bit of sunshine developing through the day. it is pretty cool out there still and very humid. blue skies looking across the bay. n the easterno shore of maryland are in the .0's storms did notd channel, so this way that way it is pretty warm. i don't expect any significant most of the area tonight. a couple of rumbles of thunder move to the north east -- to the northeast at about 15-20 miles an hour. dewpoint 27 inches of rain in manassas, 3.32 in culpeper, but area,.st of the n.5 inches of rai and 63eagan national degrees in frederick. these temperatures will to stay pretty stable evening.he warmer temperatures to the .outh most of the precipitation has the west and now is and willff the coast f here.t o will be hot tomorrow, in the mid-80's. maybe an isolated shower tomorrow, but there is still little energy in the upper atmosphere tomorrow. the big story tonight is the which could be widespread dance late tonight and early -- big story is fog. as we had throu
Oct 3, 2012 12:00am EDT
particular dance? [ cheers and applause ] >> i was a combination of hitler and charlie chaplin. >> jimmy: oh, charlie chaplin. all right. >> my goodness. >> jimmy: kym, two-time "dancing with the stars" champion, which means this is entirely joey's fault, right? >> no, not at all. >> if didn't have that much weight in my waist area maybe i would have moved faste eer frome waist down is a lot of meat. >> jimmy: will you quick "dancing with the stars" in protest? it seems this was a bad decision to me? >> no, all-stars, everyone's amazing, tough every week. >> jimmy: you only care about yourself and not joey? >> no. >> jimmy: that is true. >> all about her. i try to make her look good. >> i feel so bad for joey, i do. >> jimmy: do you think you'll ever speak again? >> will you speak to me? >> i'll talk to her tomorrow. >> jimmy: i've said it before and i'll say the again, you still have the best facial hair in the business and no one can take that away from you, without a razor, anyway. >> thank you. >> jimmy: remember that mirrorball trophy is a cheap piece of crap the prop guys
Oct 2, 2012 11:35pm EDT
garden gnomes. >> recon plan charlie. execute. let's move, move, move! >> reporter: he thought about the green army action figures. the ones from "toy story." >> i thought i told him to pick these up. >> reporter: that's when he thought, combat garden gnomes. heavily armed little bearded guys? he sold about 1500 of them at $50 a pop. >> i did a standing rifleman, ne kneeling rifleman, rpg guy, officer with the pistol and sort of follow me pose. >> reporter: he even has plans for a parachute guy. >> he'll hang from the tree. >> reporter: he'll plan to make special forces garden gnomes. >> hunched down like he's off the beach, mp 5 sub machine gun. >> reporter: field team 6 garden gnome? he's not the only maker to take creative license. you can buy zombie gnomes. perfect for halloween, even zombie gnomes devouring a pink flamingo. quirky garden sculptures are in big demand judging from the sky mall catalog, they command top dollar. who buy this is stuff? welcome to "jurassic park." people like don of burbank, california. his little backyard is crawling with meat eaters and plant eaters
Oct 5, 2012 12:00am EDT
doing it, i'm doing it. no -- no -- >> charlie kalp has tagged you in bachelor party bro-out blowout. approve this tag or hide this tag? >> >> no, untag, hide. >> submit payment of $79.95. >> do not show jessica! stop, stop! >> then show me the money, bitch. >> ahh! >> paid for my cameron and tyler winklevoss. [ applause ] >> jimmy: here's a fun video. you know, when i was a kid, we didn't have video cameras built into everything so all the dumb stuff i did is gone. now, we have cameras and the internet to share our foolishness with the whole world. >> oh. >> money. >> for $1. for $1. that is the subway entrance. oh, my god. that was -- was that gross? >> that's bad. >> jimmy: yeah -- first time that rail has ever been cleaned. congratulations. this is why we need universal health care. did you watch the debate last night? [ applause ] i watched the debate. i watched a lot of the predebate coverage, too. last night on fox news, reporter andrea santeros was live at the university of denver where she provided us with our unintentional joke of the day. >> so, she has an opportunity, i t
Oct 5, 2012 2:35am EDT
couple, kate, charlie, share things, their common bond, drinking. she decides to get sober. leads to a series of event. an intimate look at their relationship and family life. joining us to talk more about the movie, getting a ton of great press and good buzz, one and only director, james, thank you for being here. >> appreciate you having me. >> good to have a live human on "insomniac theater." what was the motivation for the movie? >> smash started as a conversation between myself and susan burke, co-writer, sharing stories of things we had done when we were drunk if i have a lot. she has more the a wonderfully hilarious comedian, sober, stopped drinking in her early 20s. going to aa. experiences events were inspired by her own life. >> you have an all-star cast. >> yeah, really amazing cast. we have aaron paul, mary elizabeth winsett, nick offerman, megan mulaney. >> how did you get them all to soon up, all-star cast? >> we begged, knocked on their doors, harassed them. they're artists really excited to play parts in a film they really cared about. >> what was the important par
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6